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Getting Started With Your Pex Card

If approved, you can get a debit card to assist managing your fund.

The PEX card is used for ease and convenience to pay for services that are approved by Legacy when a debit card transaction is preferred over other payment methods. However, these transactions need to be communicated with Legacy before they take place to ensure compliance with the mission of the fund and to confirm that the account is funded properly.

We can then move the necessary funds to the balance of the card, if approved. You can check balances and request funds at any time through the PEX Card app that you can download to your phone. Legacy gets notifications on the request and can move funds immediately if they are requested beforehand and funds are confirmed. You then upload the needed receipts on each transaction from the app.

Please refer to PEX's Quick Start Guide for Cardholders


You can also add your PEX card to your mobile wallet such as Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay. Please refer to PEX's Help Center to familiarize yourself with how PEX can be used.

How To Request A Card

If you would like a PEX card, you can request one by emailing Support@TheOffices.com