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What is the Dollar Donation Club/ Flying Pig LLC?

In this article, we will explain the mission behind Dollar Donation Club and Flying Pig LLC. Trying to cancel your subscription? Here's where to go!

Dollar Donation Club is an organization fiscally sponsored by Legacy Global Foundation that collects smaller scaled donations to support large projects. To do so, Dollar Donation Club runs micro-donation crowdfunding campaigns in order to reach goals without becoming a financial burden on those donating. Seemingly achieving the impossible through crowdfunding, making “pigs fly”!

If there is a charge on your account connected to the Dollar Donation Club, presenting as “Legacy Global” or “The Flying Pig LLC”, you’re seeing this charge because you subscribed to a micro-donation subscription every month. Recent campaigns include cleaning up the great pacific garbage patch with our partner Ocean Voyages Institute.

If you’d like to change or cancel a recurring donation, simply log in to your dollar donation club account and from the main menu click “my account” —from here you can edit any of your subscriptions! If you haven’t logged in before, search your Inbox for your welcome email from dollar donation club, or  request a forgotten password reset.

If you have any further questions, please send an email to