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Why isn't my program on the IRS database?

When others do due diligence on a program, they often search databases that refer to the IRS. Here is why they will not find your program.

The Legacy Global family is made up of separate nonprofit entities. These entities, such as Legacy Global Foundation and Legacy Global Programs, create funds such as donor-advised funds and fiscal sponsorship program funds. These funds are under the umbrella of the respective Legacy Global entity and are not a separate entity with independent charitable status.

When others do their due diligence on your fund, they will do their due diligence on the Legacy Global entity that your fund is under. You can show them your certificate given to you by Legacy when you began your fund or you can refer them to the Legacy website and we can confirm the status of your fund.

Legacy does not publish your fund on the website unless requested by the appropriate party. You can make that request on the support page, and our team will contact you.