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Welcome To Legacy Offices

We help organizations, families and individuals maximize their positive impact on the world and communities around them. 

Built With Impact In Mind

Charitable Planning

Our team of experts can help you plan the best impact for your community. Speak to our team about what charitable plan is right for you!

Charitable Management

Allow us to manage your charitable mission. We do the vetting and compliance work, you do the giving! Partner with our team today to maximize your charitable mission!

For-Impact Programs

We are a "For-Impact" organization that helps see the bigger picture when it comes to making an impact. Make an impact with confidence knowing that the difference you make is evergreen!

Giving Never Felt So Good!

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Donor-Advised Funds

Donor-Advised Funds (DAF) are a great way to make charitable grants to qualified organizations that allow advisory privileges to Donors. Speak to our team about how a DAF may be the right fit for your charitable mission!

Split-Interest Giving

Give to charity while also getting a return on investment! A split-interest gift can benefit charitable causes while also giving you a return. Speak with our team today to see what kind of split-interest gift is right for you!

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Fiscal Sponsorship

Start a program and make an impact! With a Fiscal Sponsorship, you can lead a fund in making a sizable impact within your community. Speak to our team today to talk about how a Fiscal Sponsorship can fulfill your charitable dreams!

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