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About Us

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Our story

Every day, our team at Legacy Global Foundation helps generous givers like you simplify their giving, multiply their impact, and experience the joy of sending more to their favorite causes than they ever dreamed possible.

So whether you're passionate about more resources for your local church or community, more food for the hungry, more clean water, or more justice... start dreaming big, because we sure are.

Our values

Legacy blesses the whole earth through innovative, effective, ethical, and responsible charitable service and solutions. Legacy empowers and creates opportunities for stakeholders. Legacy creates well-being and prosperity by inspiring the transfer of values across generations. Legacy delivers the promise that you are blessed when you bless others.

Legacy’s Mission focuses on the following areas of specialization: Addiction Recovery, Animal Welfare, Arts, Community Development, Counseling, Culture & Humanities, Education & Scholarships, Environment & Species Protection, Geological Research, Human & Health Services, Humanitarian Relief, Justice & Public Safety, Matching Grants, Medical Assistance, Medical Research, Promoting Indian Nations & First Nations, Religion, Scientific Research, Social Welfare, Technology Development, and Women's & Children's Shelters.

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Our Core Expertise

  • Charitable Stewardship & Administration

  • Complex Transactions & Planned Giving

  • Alternative Assets

  • International Giving

  • Inter-Generational Planning & Training

  • Impact Investing

  • Coordinating with Advisors on Risk & Tax Strategies


  • Donors
  • Grantees
  • Advisors
  • Employees
  • Volunteers
  • Individuals
  • Families
  • Organizations
  • Communities

Meet The Family

Our Team

Meet the amazing team that makes up the Legacy Family!